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program, and we are closely monitoring the green tariff pricing proposal that pg&e sprited to the california puc for approval. that is the program when it was initially proposed by pg&e would have pg&e offering to san franciscans an opportunity for 100% renewable product that is greening up their portfolio to using renewable energy credits, so they have placed a proposal before the california puc for -- their agreement. parties are engaged in asking questions, testimony has been filed. the cupuc had scheduled hearings in december for the proposal, but those hearings on hold in order to allow parties to talk further and potentially arrive at a settlement. there really isn't active settlement discussion under way right now. we expect that may happen in january, and if you play out that process we think that maybe july or august of 2013 we will know what shape the program that pg&e has proposed has been authorized by the cupuc. pg&e would then as i understand it from their filings need to go through a solicitation process to hire a third party contractor to perform the p
to the potential customers in a new survey. >> do we have on the slide, you know, estimate of what pg&e exit fee would be? is that included in the slide and the figures here? >> so exit fee. so any customer -- any customer that stays with the program after the first two opt out notices -- let me back up. if you don't want to be part of the cleanpower sf program and you tell us that there is no departure charge that a customer incurs that we are charging. after the program is launched if you then decide -- oh i got my first cleanpower sf bill. i don't want to be part of this program. we are still as the city saying there is no charge to depart from the program at that point. pg&e doesn't have a fee to exit the program during that portion of the time either. >> they don't have a fee that charge it's. >> the fee that we do include and maybe what you're referring to is the cost responsibility surcharge where if a customer leaves pg&e's bundedel service and comes to a cca pg&e will take a portion of the fees they used to charge that customer and those fees will follow the customer so the bill
the general agency, real estate, public works, water and power, san francisco public utilities commission, pg&e and comcast and caltrans, bart and other key partners such as fema and more. the objectives our life line council is to develop and improve collaboration in the city and across the region by regularly convening a group of executive officers and deputies of local and regional life line providers. understand intersystem dependencies of enhanced planning and reconstruction. sharing information about recovering plans and objectives and priorities and established ordination process for life line restoration and recovery following a major disaster. in the first nine meetings we made most progress on the third objective and sharing information about plans and priorities. in the first two years we discussed a series of operator case studies by the sfpuv on water and wastewater systems and pg&e on gas and electric systems and at&t and tell communications and learned about the city's priorities for roots and response planning for the emergency operation center and the capital program. w
unanimously rejected a plan. they wanted to trace network faults off the coast west of -- pg & e wanted it use air guns s create a three dimensional map, but that could create sound waves that could hurt the hearing of ocean life. >>> a firefighter suffered a minor injury to his arm after battling a house fire. crews from several agencies responded to the fire this morning. cher wood forest. it took firefighters 20 minutes to put the flames out, fortunately, the residents got out okay. >> >> california began to sell permits for green house gas emissions. it is aimed as dramatically reducing pollution that is believed to cause climate change. the board plans to release the date and the number of companies involved next monday. >>> big changes coming to our weather. let's get right to it. rain on the way, right? >> rain on the way, temperatures back into the upper 50s, clouds in the forecast, we saw a few of them out there, today. tomorrow is not bad, either, but more clouds. there is live "stormtracker," showing you clouds as well. radar coming off the national weather service radar. it's not s
'll hear from pg&e crews and why they think these power outages happen and how long did they expect to stay in the area. back to you. >> thank you. >>> today's storm knocked down a large tree in saratoga. the 28-foot tree blocked the part of thelma avenue near saratoga sunnyvale avenue. it also took out power lines. crews were called in to take care of those power lines and clear the tree out of the roadway. >> and folks in daly city are keeping a close eye on that hillside that came down during that big water main break earlier this month. crews have covered the exposed ground with mesh and hay to keep it from sliding again during the storm. city officials say they have already spent nearly a half million dollars just trying to replace the soil and the vegetation on that hill. >>> the storm means some massive delays at sfo. >> roberta gonzales is at the airport for us now with more. how long are we talking? >> reporter: right now the rain has stopped. we have a little reprieve but winds have been problematic gusting up to 37 miles an hour. behind me is an empty runway. this is something th
friends, and our pg&e friends, we're not going to count on when things get bad. steering some of this investment to independent providers we are not planning on depending on anybody. not only does that make easier for me keeping more things under my control, it makes things easier for them because they will have one less person calling them. even though it's all about cooperation, sometimes independence comes into the conversation. the last thing i would touch on is it's personal. by that i mean i know a lot of people in this room i can call and depend on if there's an emergency in san francisco. they know me, they know what i do, i saw them all the time, we know what our roles are. we had a little mini exercise about a month ago with a minor pipe break in san francisco where we exercised these relationships. i won't talk about all the meet and greet opportunities to get to know each other. i won't go into detail on all the areas, but we do work together on a lot of forums and it does come down to relationships in a lot of these areas of cooperation. >> thank you. mr. an
. >>> right now pg&e crews are in city hall trying to deal with a problem and just a few minutes ago a third crew came through. >>> i am an honorary council -- >> the sex scandal which out of control. and the new 911 tape at the center of this soap opera. >>> and the killer of sierra lemar facing new charges, we will tell you what his co- workers are saying about that. >>> and there could be more trouble in the days ahead, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, november 1st, i am pam -- november 14th, i am pam cook. >> let's go to steve paulson, he has your forecast. >>> this will be the last day for really warm temperatures and today there is going to be lots of 70s and the warmest temperatures will be on the bay and on the coast, here is sal. >> 680 through the walnut creek area no problem on northbound 680 coming up. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> right now pg&e crews are at san francisco city hall trying to get the power to work normally. there was an explosion
-monoxide scare. here is more on what pg&e discovered in their investigation. >> reporter: no update on how all of those people are doing after they were exposed so some kind of carbon monoxide here in the heights. firefighters were called out here and a total of 14 people had to be transported to the hospital and those parents had carbon-monoxide in their bloodstream. pg&e arrived at the house and they were not able to find where that gas was coming from. we spoke with one neighbor nearby and she was forced to evacuate and of course was worried about everyone who had to be treated. >> a few had high carbon- monoxide readings and we are okay but i tonight know about the family right now. >> now that pg&e representatives who came here did check all of the plie answers but -- appliances but could not find the source of the carbon-monoxide. they are saying they don't have an update on their current conditions at least as of right now but as you can imagine this is an ongoing investigation, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> overnight a man was shot while sitting in his car in palo alto.
, line man work, and we also have mutual service agreements and pg&e participates in those. we have sent folks to hawaii and we have sent folks back east and we have certainly sent folks to oregon and washington and idaho on a regular basis as we all in the west suffered through storms. so we have those activities in place and then of course we do just our normal emergency response activations on an on-going basis just to make sure everyone is trained and veilable and ready to go. in terms of the big 1 that we always talk about, we have an earthquake play book. the gas side and electric side has very specific actions to take, we have very trat strategic actions to take, we have a hard copy and hopefully we'll never need it but if a big earthquake comes, it can happen anywhere in the stais, there's earthquake faults all over this place, we're ready to go. >> mr. boland. >> we take a little different role on this seeing as we represent a multiple discipline of utilities, we are engaged in california national guard in their exercises. we handle the utility operations center which is w
it for cooking, eating and hot water. there were 40,000 people that called pg and e about their gas. that means they call turned off their gas? did they need to do that? when do you have to? when there is a problem. how long did you think it takes pg and e to get out and turn it back on? 45,000 people. days weeks, may be a month. who has seen this in the streets. a lot of muck is in there is it's full of dirt and weeds you turn it to the right to tighten it and left to loosen it. your home work you have to look at your house, pop open the lid, look in there see what's going on in there it's not nice and clean like this. who has seen this around their house? everybody. each meter has a shut off. you want to find out where your gas meter is. you can keep track of your usage but you will know how to shut it off. here's the shut off. i have some tools up here, you can look at these. any hardware store has these. they fit on this and it allows you to turn off the gas. when we talk about the wheels it's these on top. if you have a broken pipe. they will spin like mad. when it's daylight, go home, you
to the program, and its enhanced renewable attributes relative to the supply that pg&e is currently providing. in that early notification period, we're going to be reaching out to between 10 and 20,000 households here in the city, to ask them to express their level of interest. once we've informed them about the rates that they would see, what sort of a premium we could expect them to pay, what the character of the supply is, once we educate them about the program, this is intended to be a face-to-face conversation, or a phone-to-phone conversation, where we'll really have a chance to test our prospective customers level of interest. it's our intention then to have a real solid read for you on the level of interest, prior to coming to you, and asking for authority to sign for the general manager to sign the contract with shell energy north america and kick the program o off. that early notification period needs to meld well with the formal launch of the statutory opt out period, that's the opt out program we've talked about before that's required by the state. so we want those two components
are you cooperating with each other to address multi (inaudible). >> what we produce at pg&e we are very aware what's expected of us. we serve a huge part of central and northern california so while we're talking to a great extent about san francisco today, most of the activity is very regionally based and most of the energy that comes into san francisco is piped in from other places so we have to look at everything from a regional perspective. in terms of what we're doing with our infrastructure, we look at many risks to our systems to improve their reliability, both gas and electric. while we talk about earthquakes quite a bit, we look more at ground movement in general, whether it be earthquake related, land slide related, but in terms of our reliability all those risks are looked at and there's on-going efforts to increase the reliability of both the electric system and the gas system throughout the san francisco area and through the northern and system part of our state. we have hundreds of millions of dollars of pipeline replacement happening which is a major risk in a major eart
. appreciate not from pg&e because. >> >> because they have to follow the code of conduct, but organizations related to pg&e. i am wondering how we're anticipating a response to such an effort to mislead and make beguile people in san francisco? >> we do expect we will have lots of questions from customers, and we're really hoping to encourage folks to the extent they have questions, they hear things that are concerning to talk to us. we really want an opportunity for folks to make an informed decision, and we will stay very true to the need to educate and not mislead. we hope that other participants in the dialogue will as well, but it will be a challenge for us to make sure folks are getting accurate information and really being educated about this choice. >> very good. thank you. let's go on to public comment. this is on these three items. i don't have any cards before me. we will do three minutes per person. >> good afternoon commissioners. eric brooks representing san francisco green party and the local grass-roots organization "our city". hopefully you have read the email, all o
the crew hit a gas line. pg&e says that crew severed a 1- inch plastic gas line, where they will be installing the new planner to number buildings. the leak prompted police and firefighters to block off the embarcadero at broadway and to temporary evacuate pier 15. >> just wanted to make sure that wasn't creeping in some place. so we just evacuated and we are -- we're lucky. >> reporter: take a look at these aerial shots over pier 15. in injuries were reported. the leak was capped at 10:42. pg&e says the crew installing that water line didn't have appeared to have done their prep work before marking off the gas line and pg&e says it may bill the city for the cost of replacing or severerring that gas linda dave severing that gas line -- severing that gas line. david steven son, -- david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a contractor in the area hit a water main around 10:45 this morning. many bay area cities could be headed for record -- to record numbers. first of all, let's check in with mose mary -- are rosemary. >> giving you a look at wall-to- wall sunshine. it's
left the scene. at the same time pg&e trucks are starting to pull up here at the scene. behind me you can see in the building still throughout san francisco city hall flashing lights from the fire alarm which are still going off more than an hour and a half after this call came in. now we have video that was shot a short time ago. you will see light smoke which filled the rotunda as well as the first floor. the fire department brought in fans for ventilation. an electrical panel in the basement blew up and exploded triggering a sprinkler system which then filled a portion of the basement of city hall with about an inch of water. at the time there was a reception going on for green build. that's a green trade show. those people were evacuated. >> we had an electrical explosion in the basement in the electrical room. pg&e just arrived. there was minimal smoke throughout the building. there was a high voltage area, so we can't get anybody inside there until we get the power cutoff. >> it was a calm scene. the alarms went off and the lights were flickering. they asked people to exit the b
if it weren't for those two pg&e trucks. right now take a look at the scene last night 9:30 firefighters were called out after an electrical explosion in the basement that started a fire that triggered the sprinkler system which led to an inch of water in the basement there was a party going on people attending and the caterers were escorted out. >> the alarms went off, lights started flickering, sheriffs asked people to exit. >> reporter: did you smell smoke? >> i never did, not until we got out of the building. >> reporter: but there was smoke in parts of city hall, no injuries. pg&e crews had to be careful there's a number of electrical lines going into city hall they wanted to turn off power to the right one. the wrong one might have turned off power to portions of san francisco. that seemed to have gone smoothly. pg&e tells me their work is done, repairs are going to be needed. that will be taken up by city hall. it is going to be business as usual out here. as i look at city hall now i can see the lights are on. again, they are expecting business as usual. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>
roll this program out even in phase one with competitive prices to pg&e, and that would profoundly change this entire outreach model. the rate fairness board when realized this information was coming forward postponed their decision to the sfpuc and we have to analyze that information and see if it will change the way we market the program before we okay the outreach plan. that is crucial. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is francisco costa and envir -- environmental justice advocacy and many residents in the bay view participated in community choice aggregation and perhaps one person here in the auditorium that knows what i am talking about. michael [inaudible] lynn brown, jerad bloomfield and others. we make trips to sacramento and we do what we could in the bay view. we put solar on all 58 homes and so on and so forth. in the beginning of this discussion i heard something about climate change and then i was paying attention to this conversation and there's a lot of fluff. so much fluff it gives you a headache. now, if you look at a map and some of you have do
's going to come back second. for pg&e we always worry about bringing electrical generation back, those are done in conjunction with our gas and electric together. most of the power plants in california are fed natural gas, you need to get the gas back up before you get the power plant back up if you have damage to both. we do have standards for all that activity in terms of our engineering design. the trick is for us to sit out there and talk with all the different regional areas including san francisco and make sure we understand how we're going to work together in the event we have an event that takes our services out or is greater than what we're actually expecting and that's the challenge for all of us, all the service providers, is working together to figure out how to make that happen. >> mr. boland. >> this is where we fit into that link. we represent the utilities that protect and build the resill yepbs into the infrastructure. we fill a gap in attitude which is the relationships, distant and local relationships, cross boundaries between the multi disciplines in the utiliti
down in the bernal heights neighborhood. pg&e crews are doing everything they can today to prevent power outages tomorrow. >> cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco with pg&e's tree trimming team. they have been out all morning. >> reporter: yes. they have been hitting different spots across the bay area, frank and michelle. we know what it's like to be in the storm. we not high winds and the heavy -- we know the high winds and the heavy rain but prepping is a major task. pg&e showed us their offensive tactics they use. pg&e ready for round 2 of storms to hit the bay area. the next one even bigger than the first. >> we are out here trimming trees as we can and do year round but any break in the storm we'll be out there restoring folks and getting ready for the next wave of storms. >> reporter: off the bay area coast we saw a preview of what's to come. strong winds paired with a heavy sheet of rain is a combination that could result in massive power outages. >> when you get this wind, this 'em on in the season, a lot of the leaves are still on the trees that we can see her
and convinced the coastal commission not to allow pg&e to do seismic testing off the coast saying the plan would hurt marine life. here are the new details for us. >> the environmental activists today faced off with one of the most powerful electric companies and they won. hundreds of people came from all over the state here to santa monica for this public hearing which just wrapped up and convinced the california coastal commission not to allow pg&e to do seismic testing off the coast saying it poses to great a risk to marine life. cheers today at the california coastal commission shuts down pg&e's plan to blast sundwaves deep into the ocean floor, allowing them to get 3-d maps of earthquake fault lines that run underneath the power plant. pg&e argued they would be necessary to determine the effects of an earthquake. >> if you live near a nuclear plant, wouldn't you want more certainly in the assumptions made. >> reporter: they ruled the high decibel blast would hurt marine life and vital commercial fishing industry and activists applaud the decision. >> we want pg&e, their plant to be safe but
. >> in terms of standards, similar to pg&e we have established our own internal standards on how resilient our network is. it's two hour quality of service how to design our capacity and also in how we perform, we do these failure tests to make sure the network can withstand the additional traffic being transferred from one portion to another. we have an earthquake strategy binder which is available aupb lane for our employees that can be accessed. it's available in all of our switches. these are step by step directions what happens when this big one occurs. we also practice this on drills, we have very little drills within the company or within the region to make sure everybody is on the same page when this situation does occur. now, as far as our support with other agencies, you know, our first priority of course when this thing happens is to make sure our network is running. but we also have a number of hotline numbers available for the police department rtion for the local agencies to contact us if they need some adistance from us in case some of their own systems do go down and we ha
at price parity with pg&e, not at a premium. and that is absolutely crucial. that means we can offer ratepayers something that will be the same price as pg&e, except for the exit escape charge that pg&e gets. that will be a small increase. during those discussions, it became clear to us that staff seems intent on just continuing with the current track this they were prepared to do which is focusing on the shell contract. this radically changes potentials for how we're going to roll out the shell project, what pricing we will set for shell. we need the rate fairness board to make sure we're analyzing this information and if what local power is presenting is going to work we need to adopt that, and not a program that has this huge premium that's going to scare off customers. i will speak to this when we get to item 19 but i wanted to raise that that we're now in a -- we need to get back together on this and that you see what local power is doing so we can get the best deal for ratepayers that we can get. thanks. >> president torres: thank you. any further comments on item 7(b)? all rig
and in many cases can even bring healthy trees down into power lines. >> reporter: pg & e says workers are monitoring the storm hour by hour as soon as the first system hits the bay area, crews will be working around the clock with extra staffing in trouble spots. >> we expect this storm to hit hardest out of all the bay area counties here in marin and parts down on the peninsula as well. >> pg & e recommends filling extra bottles and freezing them in case the power goes out you have a way to keep your food fresh for longer and fresh batteries aren't a bad idea either. >> and follow us on facebook. our crew will be keeping you updated. >>> family and friends of the victims of the oikos university are dedicating a memory garden at the university. the garden is in memory of the six students and school secretary who were gunned down on april 2nd allegedly by a former nursing student. defense attorneys for that suspected shooter goh say he is not competent to stand trial. a court appointed psychiatrist diagnosed goh as a paranoid schizophrenic. a court judge is suspending his decision unti
: this is palmetto at carmel, behind me, you can see pg&e crews on scene more than 1100 customers lost power afternoon 9 a.m.. a piece of equipment at the top of that pole blew and was dangling dangerously now crews have to work in the stormy weather to fix it that probably caused it. it is not business as usual in pacifica in morning. >> big flash of light, then there was no power. >> reporter: he was working in his gas shop when around 9:15 an insulator blew on a power pole, leaving more than 1100 without power and the intersection blocked off. >> i knew i was in trouble. >> reporter: richard phone himself in a dangerous electrical situation he and his neighbors woke around 5, to a power surge. >> i went back to the master bedroom where i had just gotten up and there were flames coming out of the electrical outlet. i grabbed my cell phone when i stood up the smoke was about here and it was really hot. >> reporter: richard was not hurt. his master bedroom is destroyed and he lost his rare book collection. power lines came down in the neighborhood. pg&e says that and the fire could be a comb
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 478 (some duplicates have been removed)